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Why invest in a mobile app?

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Why invest in a mobile app?

★  Great promotional tool

For many small businesses, their website is the only tool they use to actively promote their products or service.

Whilst this can be extremely effective, the future of online marketing is being shaped by mobile. Developing your own mobile app will help to promote and further your business.

★  Expand your audience

Over 3 billion people own a smart phone. 80% of mobile time is spent on apps. The need to develop your own mobile app has never been greater.

★  Improve your customer service

A mobile app is a great channel for interacting and engaging with your customers. By increasing your channels of communication you can ensure that your customers views are being heard.

★  Create a new revenue stream

A mobile app can be a great way of opening up new revenue streams. From ad revenue, in-app purchases to selling your physical goods or service, there are various ways to monetize your app.

★  Easily share your content between mobile users

★  Advantages over a traditional website

  • A native mobile app is faster to load than a traditional/mobile website.
  • The app will usually have increased functionality, as it is made specifically for the platform.
  • Many apps can run offline, while a website requires an internet connection.

When a user installs an app, it's stored on their home screen for future convenience. If someone plans on using a website multiple times, they'll need to remember or bookmark the web address. Ask yourself, which option is easier? What option would likely encourage repeat visitors?